Research group Kunz

Research group Kunz

The group investigates materials and electrode coatings for electrochemical reactors for different applications. Coating methods for electrocatalytic active materials are developed, suitable also for larger electrodes. In the focus are gasdiffusion electrodes for the electrochemical treatment of water and for metal-air batteries. The research includes the selection of electrocatalytic active materials and their characterization in half-cells and with cyclovoltametric methods.In test cells performance is evaluated under conditions close to real operation conditions. In the research field of traditional chemical reaction engineering catalysts based on polymer-support composites are developed for organic-technical reactions and evaluated with respect to their performance. For this purpose test reactors are designed, constructed and operated up to pressures of 100bar and temperatures up to 200°C. For multi phase reactions mass transfer and kinetic evaluation is in the main focus.

Research projects

  • Metallo-FlowBat

    Development of an iron-based flow battery with aqueous alkaline electrolyte. The project includes the development of all components of the battery up to the production of a market-ready prototype.

  • DEMO-BioBZ

    The project "DEMO-BioBZ" deals with the scale up of the catalytic coating of gas diffusion electrodes and their electrochemical evaluation in microbial fuel cells.

  • Electrochemical bleach production

    Production of peracetic acid from electrochemically produced hydrogen peroxide and activator.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kunz

Deputy Head of Institute
Professorship for Chemical Process Engineering
Leibnizstr. 15, Room 017
Phone: +49 5323 72-2534