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The Institute of Chemical and Electrochemical Process Engineering is mainly involved in the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in "Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering". In the Master's degree course, the ICVT is in charge of the "Chemical Processes" field of study. In addition to lectures and accompanying exercises, practical experiments and tasks for group and final theses are offered.

Compulsory lectures

  • First semester project (Becker, 1st semester Bachelor VT/CIW) W 8408
  • Fundamentals of Process Engineering - Technology III (Bremer, 3rd semester Bachelor of Business Administration and 3rd semester Bachelor of Energy and Raw Materials) W 8417
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering I (Turek, 5th semester Bachelor VT/CIW) W 8402
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering II (Turek, 2nd semester Master VT/CIW) S 8401
  • Electrochemical Process Engineering (Bockelmann, 3rd semester Master VT/CIW) W 8416

Elective and compulsory elective lectures

  • Heterogeneous catalytic gas-solid reactions (Becker, Master VT/CIW, compulsory in the specialization "Chemical Processes") W 8406
  • Energy flows, material cycles and global development (Turek, Master VT/CIW) S 8413
  • Non-catalytic multiphase reactions (Turek, Master VT/CIW, compulsory in the specialization "Chemical Processes") W 8404
  • Computer-aided design of chemical reactors (Bremer, Master VT/CIW, compulsory in the specialization "Chemical Processes") W 8419
  • Safety engineering in the chemical industry (Turek, Master VT/CIW) S 8412
  • 3D printing in process engineering (Bremer, Master VT/CIW) S 8414
  • Optimization for Engineers (Bremer, Master VT/CIW) S 8418

Lectures by external lecturers

  • Occupational Medicine/Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Medicine for Engineers (Schubert, compulsory elective Master VT/CIW) S 9007
  • Chemical processes and markets (Langanke, Master VT/CIW) W 8415
  • Design of chemical products (Meier, compulsory elective Bachelor VT/CIW) W 8407
  • Industrial application of process engineering process analysis and process optimization (Schulenburg, Master VT/CIW) W 8411
  • Life Cycle Assessment (Minke, Master VT/CIW) W 8420
  • Practice of Heterogeneous Catalysis (Klose, Master VT/CIW) S 8410

Further information on our courses can be found under the following links:
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Information on written and oral examinations at the ICVT will be announced in the respective course and published in Stud.IP.