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Group work

The current topics for group work can be found here. We ask all students to divide themselves into groups and to contact the supervisor directly. The Stud.IP event "Group work Master VT/CIW" can also be used to find groups. At the start of a new semester, an information meeting is always offered at which the current topics are presented. This date can also be used to put together groups. The announcement is made via Stud.IP.

In principle, the same guidelines apply for group work as for final theses.

The length of the work is based on the following guidelines:

2 months06 ECTS points(AFB 2015)
3 months10 ECTS points(AFB 2019 + 2021)

In the interest of the students and the ICVT, care is taken to adhere to the above periods. If you have any questions, please contact Oliver Zielinski.

Currently advertised group projects

chemPLANT competition of the VDI

chemPLANT competition of the VDI